Feminization Girlfriend Video

Do you want me to be your feminization girlfriend?

You may have noticed I took a break from shooting content for the summer, but I am happy to announce I am back in action. I recently shot a feminization role play fetish video called “GF Changes Your Gender”. In this playful FemDom POV clip, I act the part of the viewer’s girlfriend and have a secret I need to get off my chest which comes with an ultimatum… Read my clip description below to learn more:

Hi sweetie, I have something important to talk to you about. I’ve decided I’m not bisexual anymore… I am fully lesbian now. I only want to be with women from here on out, however, I have an ultimatum for you. We can stay together if you transition your gender for me! I know you’ve ben wearing my panties and outfits secretly behind my back so this is a big opportunity for you. I don’t have time for you to go through a crossdressing phase. I need you to start taking hormones and become a trans woman right away. I’ll even give the shots to you. Be grateful that this is how you can stay in my life by becoming a trans lesbian for me. You were never really a boy to begin with anyways.

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Want your own custom feminization fetish video? Feel free to contact me via e-mail or message me on my adult platforms to begin negotiations. See my services page for more info on custom content such as my rates. Not only do I love making custom videos but I also enjoy making custom audio files too. You can even request a hypnosis audio or video file as I find the combination with feminization to be extremely powerful. Let me put you under my spell and make you my special girl.

Feminization Girlfriend on NiteFlirt

Feminization is one of my favorite fetishes and kinky topics to indulge on the phone. I even have an entire listing on NiteFlirt dedicated to feminization. Not only can we talk about your kinks with everything related to feminization, but we can explore your gender identity too. I like to think of myself as a gender life coach who creates a safe space for you to explore and self-create. Who do you want to be in life? Is that a woman or trans femme person? You can talk to me about your desires, fantasies, goals, and dreams. I will coach you to stay on track with your goals and cheer you on. Or I can simply role play being your feminization girlfriend like my video.